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STB 1095-97 Tires and rubber products. Rules for the development of technological regulations BELA26611
STB 1400-2009 Nonfood goods. Consumer information. General requirements BELA26845
STB 1743-2007 Marking media for audio and video products and software BELA27127
STB 1773-2010 Energy saving. Energy efficiency indices. The procedure for inclusion in the technical documentation BELA27145
STB 1774-2010 Energy saving. Energy passport of the energy resources consumer. General requirements BELA27146
STB 1775-2010 Energy saving. Classification of parameters. General provisions BELA27147
STB EN 10204-2009 Metal products. Types of acceptance control documents BELA28021
STB EN 1041-2006 Medical devices. Information provided by the manufacturer BELA28042
STB EN 574-2006 Safety of machinery. Two-hand control device. Principles for design BELA28721
STB EN 710-2004 Safety requirements to foundry machines and installations for making molds and related cores BELA28754
STB 1309-2002 Construction. Production of products for mass production. Basic requirements and order of work BELA260512
STB ISO 11252-2016 Lasers and laser-related equipment. Laser devices. Minimum requirements for documentation BELA261305
TKP 243-2010 Design documentation. Rules of drawing up instructions on setting up products and their component parts BELA206490
TKP 45-3.01-118-2008 Urban construction. Scheme of integrated territorial organization of the region (region, district or group of districts). Rules for design BELA206795
TKP 45-3.01-284-2014 Urban construction. Urban Development plan of detailed planning of the project. Contents and procedure for development BELA206798
TKP 45-3.01-285-2014 Urban construction. Building design for special construction. Contents and procedure for development BELA206799
TKP 45-3.01-286-2014 Urban construction. Urban Development project of general planning. General layout plan of settlements. Contents and procedure for development BELA206800
TKP 45-3.01-294-2014 Urban construction. Urban development passport of a land plot. Contents and procedure for development BELA206801
TKP 45-3.01-118-2008 (02250) Urban planning. The scheme of the complex territorial organization of the region (region, district, group of districts). Design rules BELA369379
TKP 45-3.01-284-2014 (02250) Urban planning. Urban planning project of detailed planning. Composition and development procedure BELA369380
TKP 45-3.01-285-2014 (02250) Urban planning. Urban planning project of special planning. Composition and development procedure BELA369381
TKP 45-3.01-286-2014 (02250) Urban planning. Urban planning project for general planning. General plan of settlements. Composition and development procedure BELA369382
TKP 45-3.01-294-2014 (02250) Urban planning. Urban planning passport of the land. Composition and development procedure BELA369383

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