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STB 1275-2001 Hydraulic jacks. Specifications BELA26762
STB 1575-2005 Mechanized timberings for benches. Basic parameters. General specifications. Test methods BELA26950
STB 1679-2006 Cultivators for inter-row tillage. General specifications BELA27031
STB 1878-2008 Road vehicles. Weights, axle loads and dimensions BELA27229
STB 2317-2013 Electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum. EMC standards for radio equipment and radio services. Part 1. General specifications BELA27493
STB ISO 14253-1-2009 Technical requirements to geometric product specifications (GPS). Checkout by measuring of the details and gaging equipment. Part 1. Decision rules for conformity validation and discrepancy to technical requirements BELA29404
STB ISO 7637-1-2008 Mechanical transport vehicles. Conductive, capacitive and inductive interference. Part 1. Terms, definitions and general provisions BELA29757
STB ISO 7637-3-2008 Mechanical transport vehicles. Conductive, capacitive and inductive interference. Part 3. Impulse interference in capacitive and inductive circuits (excluding feed circuits) BELA29759
STB IEC 60034-4-2006 Electrical rotating machines. Part 4. Methods of experimental defining of parameters of synchronous machines BELA29998
STB IEC 60252-2-2007 Capacitors for alternating current motors. Part 2.Launching motor capacitors BELA30004
STB 1026-2008 Section metal railing for bridges and overpasses. Technical conditions BELA260397
STB IEC 60252-1-2007 Capacitors for AC motors. Part 1. General provisions, performance, testing and rating. Safety requirements. Installation and Operating Manual BELA371918

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