GOST 16962-71

ГОСТ 16962-71

Electronic and electrical equipment. Mechanical and climatic influence. Requirements and test methods

Изделия электронной техники и электротехники. Механические и климатические воздействия. Требования и методы испытаний

Status: Superseded in part. IUS 11-1989

The standard applies to products of electronic engineering and electrical engineering, the technical specifications (T3) for development of which are approved before January 1, 1982, and establishes requirements for products and test methods regarding the impact of mechanical and climatic factors. operating in open space.

Стандарт распространяется на изделия электронной техники и электротехники, технические задания (Т3) на разработку которых утверждены до 1 января 1982 г, и устанавливает требования к изделиям и методы испытаний в части воздействия механических и климатических факторов Стандарт не устанавливает требований и методов испытаний в части климатических факторов, действующих в открытом космическом пространстве.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 5/12/1971

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PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.15 Testing and control of products of electronic, optical and electrical industry » 4.15.1 Electric machines, electrical equipment and materials »

ISO classifier » 29 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING » 29.100 Electrical components » 29.100.99 Other electrical equipment components »

National standards » 29 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING » 29.100 Electrical Components » 29.100.99 Other electrical equipment components »

ISO classifier » 31 ELECTRONICS » 31.190 Electronic Components Assembly »

National standards » 31 ELECTRONICS » 31.190 Electronic Components Assembly »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » E Electronic engineering, electronics and communications » E2 Elements of electronic equipment » E20 Classification, nomenclature and general norms »

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GOST 21011.0-75: High-voltage kenotrons. Methods measurements of electric parameters. General requirements

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GOST 2492-77: Switches (breakers), push-button and control posts with push-button. General specifications

GOST 24936-89: Permanent magnets for electrotechnical products

GOST 25804.3-83: Atomic power station technological processes control system equipment. Durability, endurance, resistance requirements for highest influential factor

GOST 25865-83: Vibration. Vibration measuring instruments with piezoelectric vibration measuring transducers. Main parameters and technical requirements

GOST 26.205-83: Unified system of standards of instrument making. Telemechanic devices. General specifications

GOST 26015-83: Lattices for medical X-radiography. General specifications

GOST 26056-84: Industrial robots for arc welding

GOST 26057-84: Balanced manipulators

GOST 26093-84: Ceramic insulators. Test methods

GOST 26140-84: Medical x-ray units

GOST 26141-84: Amplifiers of x-ray images for medical roentgen apparatuses

GOST 26145-84: X-ray medical cassettes

GOST 26221-84: Scattering suppressing linear rasters for medical roentgen apparatuses

GOST 26242-90: Displacement transducers

GOST 26346-84: Lighting buses for the ac voltage up to 660 v

GOST 26360-84: Searchlights for vessels

GOST 26496-85: Hydraulic accumulators. Acceptance rules and test methods

GOST 26567-85: Semiconductor energy converters. Test methods

GOST 26813-86: Domestic electric air cleaners for kitchens

GOST 26963-86: Self-contained room air conditioners. General specifications

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GOST 28114-89: Cables. Method of measuring partial discharges

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GOST 28330-89: Asynchronous electrical machines with power from 1 to 400 kw inclusive. Motors

GOST 28987-91: All-or-nothing electrical relay. Application of the IEC quality assessment system for electronic components to all-or-nothing relays

GOST 29075-91: Nuclear instrumentation systems for nuclear power stations. General requirements

GOST 297-80: Resistance welding machines

GOST 304-82: Welding generators.

GOST 307-81: Domestic electric irons

GOST 31540-2012: Electric generating plants with gasiline, diesel and gas internal combustion engines. Test methods

GOST 31614-2012: Explosion-proof mine electromagnetic starters up to 1140 V. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 32676-2014: Smoothing reactors for railway traction substation. General specifications

GOST 33798.4-2016: Electric equipment of a railway rolling stock. Part 4. A.c. circuit-breakers. General specifications

GOST 3484.4-88: Power transformers. Tank tests for strength

GOST 3484.5-88: Power transformers. Tank tests for leakages

GOST 3564-84: Multioutlet oil-lubricating plants. Specifications

GOST 3940-84: Electrical equipment for vehicles and tractors. General technical requirements

GOST 4677-82: Flashlights

GOST 4860.1-83: Glands for for electric cables and wires

GOST 4871-77: Rheostats for starting and control for DC motors. General specifications

GOST 5458-75: Ceramic radio-technical materials. Specification

GOST 5462-72: Condenser exploder. General technical requirements

GOST 6047-90: General purpose floodlights

GOST 689-90: Disconnectors and ground-wires for alternating current with voltage over 1 000 v

GOST 7012-77: Single-operator single-phase transformers for automatic submerged arc welding. General specifications

GOST 7237-82: Welding converters

GOST 7400-81: 7400-81

GOST 7402-84: Electric fans for domestic use

GOST 7518-83: Transformers for household electrical appliances

GOST 7746-89: Current transformers. General specifications

GOST 7866.3-76: Silicon rubber or cross-linked polyethylene insulated flexible PVC-sheathed shipboard cables. Specifications

GOST 8008-75: Power transformers. Test methods of tap changing devices

GOST 8045-82: Lamps for outdoor use

GOST 8213-75: Automatic consumable electrode arc welding machines.

GOST 8709-82: Light boards for industrial and public buildings

GOST 8998-74: Lenses for telephone switchboards. Specifications

GOST 9219-88: Traction electrical devices

GOST 9413-78: Lighting panels for dwelling-houses. General specifications

GOST 95-77: Single-operator single-phase transformers for manual arc welding. General specifications

GOST R 22.1.14-2013: Safety in emergencies. Information-computational complexes of Structured system for monitoring and control of building/construction engineering equipment. Technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51241-2008: Access control units and systems. Classification. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51241-98: Access control systems and units. Classification. General requirements. Methods of tests

GOST R 51558-2000: Television systems of security. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 51558-2014: Systems and components of Video surveillance for security applications. Classification. General requirements. Test procedures

GOST R 52034-2003: Ceramic support insulators for voltage over 1000 V. General specifications

GOST R 53178-2008: Electric generating plants with gasoline, diesel and gas internal combustion engines. Test methods

GOST R 53481-2009: Lubrication systems. Safety requirements

GOST R 53560-2009: Intruder alarm systems. Power supply units. Classification. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53826-2010: Vehicles. High-voltage wires. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 54126-2010: Warning devices for intruder alarm systems. Classification. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 55014-2012: Power transformers. Tests for mechanical strength of tanks

GOST R 55015-2012: Power transformers. Tanks leakage tests

GOST R 55250-2012: Air transport. Technical means of access control and technical means of protection. General technical requirements

GOST R 55607-2013: Electrical equipment (installations) for power supply systems of machines and devices In open-pit mining. General specifications

GOST R 55882.4-2013: Electric equipment of a railway rolling stock. Part 4. A.c. circuit-breakers. General specifications

GOST R 56141-2014: Mining equipment. Multipurpose safety systems for coal mines. System of implosion protection of the mountain making. General technical requirements

GOST R 56629-2015: Electric Connectors for diving works. General specifications

GOST R 8.655-2009: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Quality factors of electric power measuring instruments. General specification

OST 36-13-90: Shields and consoles of automation systems for technological processes. General technical conditions

PNAE G-5-006-87: Seismic Stability Design Standards for Nuclear Power Plants

PNST 16-2014: Mining equipment. Multipurpose safety systems for coal mines. Monitoring system of an aerological condition of excavations. General technical requirements and test methods

PNST 17-2014: Mining equipment. Multipurpose safety systems for coal mines. Systems for observation and notification of an accident. General technical requirements

PNST 18-2014: Mining equipment. Multipurpose safety systems for coal mines. System for searching and localization persons in accident. General technical requirements and test methods

RD 05-334-99: Safety standards for electrical installations of coal mines and requirements for their safe operation

RD 153-34.1-35.127-2002: General technical requirements for program and technical complex for technological process automated control system of thermal power plant

RD 34.35.310-97: General Technical Requirements for Microprocessor-Based Protective Relaying and Automation Devices of Power Systems

RD 34.35.606: General Guide to Overhaul of Thermal Automation and Measuring Equipment

RD 45.063-99: Power installations and equipment, included in their composition, for the Interconnected communication network of Russia. Technical requirements

SP 12-101-98: Technical rules for manufacture of the outdoor thermal insulation of buildings with fine plaster on the insulant

TU 16-521.646-85: Three-phase asynchronous motor type 4ААМ50В2М

TU 16-521.661-85: Single-phase asynchronous electric motor of the type DAK 86-60-3-H-IM8223-C18-POI-D18

TU 16-525.609-85: Asynchronous motors AIS80 - AIS112, supplied for export. Technical conditions

TU 16-526.562-84: Asynchronous motors with increased slip 4AMS160 - 4AMS250. Technical conditions

TU 16-674.073-86: Short circuit breakers of types KRN and KZ for voltage classes 35, 110, 150 and 220 KV

TU 34-31-10005-79: The level gauge for electrically conductive environments SUES. Technical conditions

TU 34-31-10021-79: Relay for control of voltage transformer РКТН-1

TU 34-31-10023-79: Relay summing three-phase current РСТТ. Technical conditions

TU 3449-006-17416124-00: Cable welded trays. Technical conditions

TU 36-1496-85: Cable prefabricated structures. Technical conditions

TU 36-2072-86: Boxes of lingering. Technical conditions

TU 4218-002-17416124-96: A series of posts, shields and boxes. Technical conditions

TU 4218-003-17416124-99: Connection box for electrical wiring. Technical conditions

POT R O-97300-11-97: Rules for labor protection in the repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery

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