Belarus SNB, STB, GOST, TR TS regulations now available in English-snbb0312

They are currently available in RUSSIAN and ENGLISH. Moreover, we can obtain or translate official copies in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.


We have access to virtually any technical requirements, codes and norms related to Import and Export, Construction, Oil and Gas, Operation, Railway, Safety, Environment Protection and other activities. An example would be SNB, STB, GOST, SNiP, SanPiN, TR TS, SP 13330, SP 13130, and many more. 
We have a complete set of requirements for Import and Export of Food, Equipment, Machinery, vehicles, Trucks and other Products to Belarus and the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia).
Moreover we provide Laws, Decrees, Resolutions, Rules and Legal Letters and Instructions issued by the RB Federal government, Parliament, regional agencies and other bodies.  

Below is a list of some codes that we have in English. Regulatory library in English is currently the largest on the internet, with over 120,000 regulatory documents. We add, on average, 50-100 new documents monthly. Any major agency and any country of the former USSR is covered: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, and many more.


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STB 51.4.02-2000 Equipment and facilities for banking. Exchange offices. Test methods for breaking and impact of small arms
STB 51.5.01-99 Equipment and facilities for banking. Technical means of protection. Classification. General specifications
STB 51.5.02-99 Equipment and facilities for banking. Technical means of protection. Acceptance rules and test methods
STB 511-2000 Wooden window blinds. General specifications
STB 512-2001 Pieceworks with artistic painting. General specifications
STB 519-99 Precast concrete rings for drinking water wells and pumping stations. Specifications
STB 52.0.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. General provisions
STB 52.0.02-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Terms and definitions
STB 52.1.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Valuation of enterprise (business)
STB 52.2.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Valuation of land plots
STB 52.3.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Estimation of cost of capital structures (buildings, constructions), not completed construction projects, isolated rooms, parking spaces as objects of immovable property
STB 52.4.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Estimation of the cost of machinery, equipment, inventory, and materials
STB 52.5.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Estimation of cost of intellectual property objects
STB 52.6.01-2011 Valuation of civil rights. Estimation of vehicles cost
STB 52-2001 Household services. Repaired jewellery. Specifications
STB 523-2002 Poultry products. General specifications
STB 526-2000 Synthetic detergents ML-51 and ML-52. Specifications
STB 533-94 Domestic radio receiving devices repaired. Specifications
STB 539-2006 Soft drinks. General specifications
STB 542-2002 Household services. Household electroheating devices, repaired. General specifications
STB 54-96 Sugar amber honey. General specifications
STB 549-94 Biscuits. General specifications
STB 552-2004 Household services. Engraving works. Specifications
STB 558-94 Repaired electric record playing devices and electroplayers. Specifications
STB 564-2004 Household services. Household mechanical devices for kitchen, repaired. Specifications
STB 566-94 Textile-art piecework. General specifications
STB 57-2001 Artificial flowers. General specifications
STB 573-2008 Articles of artistic decorative wickerwork and other plant materials. General specifications
STB 574-2005 Household services. Photo images on metal enamel products. Specifications
STB 575-2008 Household services. Repaired footwear. Specifications
STB 576-2008 Wood souvenir products. General specifications
STB 581-97 Metal fancy products. General specifications
STB 584-94 Household tape recorders, repaired. Specifications
STB 589-2006 Household services. Processed photographic films. General specifications
STB 59-2001 Household services. Household electric refrigerators and freezers, repaired. Specifications
STB 595-94 Household services. Electrical household pumps, repaired. Specifications
STB 596-94 Fresh rhubarb. Requirements for the purchases, deliveries, and sales
STB 597-94 Fresh scallops. Requirements for the purchases, deliveries, and sales
STB 599-2003 Household services. Combed wool and condensed yarn of sheep wool. General specifications
STB 6.01.1-2001 Unified system for classification and coding of technical, economic and social information of the Republic of Belarus. Main provisions
STB 6.01.2-2001 Unified system for classification and coding of technical, economic and social information of the Republic of Belarus. The procedure for the classifiers development and maintenance
STB 6.10.1-95 Unified systems of documentation of the Republic of Belarus. Main provisions
STB 6.38-2004 Unified systems of documentation of the Republic of Belarus. Organizational and administrative documentation system. Requirements for documents
STB 600-95 Repaired black and white TV sets. Specifications
STB 603-2000 Artistic products made of textile materials. General specifications
STB 613-2008 Water-folding columns. Specifications
STB 614-2007 Playground equipment. General specifications
STB 622-2001 Household services. Electric single-phase asynchronous and collector motors with power up to 0.6 kW, repaired. Specifications
STB 624-2000 Household services. Home sewing machines, repaired. Specifications
STB 627-95 Colour TV sets, repaired. Specifications
STB 628-2001 Wind musical instruments, repaired
STB 630-2001 Hammocks. General specifications
STB 631-95 Household services. Electric hair clippers, repaired. Specifications
STB 632-2001 Single-burner kerosene stove. Specifications

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