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They are currently available in RUSSIAN and ENGLISH. Moreover, we can obtain or translate official copies in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.


We have access to virtually any technical requirements, codes and norms related to Import and Export, Construction, Oil and Gas, Operation, Railway, Safety, Environment Protection and other activities. An example would be SNB, STB, GOST, SNiP, SanPiN, TR TS, SP 13330, SP 13130, and many more. 
We have a complete set of requirements for Import and Export of Food, Equipment, Machinery, vehicles, Trucks and other Products to Belarus and the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia).
Moreover we provide Laws, Decrees, Resolutions, Rules and Legal Letters and Instructions issued by the RB Federal government, Parliament, regional agencies and other bodies.  

Below is a list of some codes that we have in English. Regulatory library in English is currently the largest on the internet, with over 120,000 regulatory documents. We add, on average, 50-100 new documents monthly. Any major agency and any country of the former USSR is covered: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, and many more.


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STB 955-94 Information technology. Information processing system. Location of letters and symbols of the Belarusian alphabet on the keyboard
STB 956-2004 Information technologies. Information processing systems. Sets of 8- and 16-bit coded symbols of the Belarusian alphabet
STB 957-94 Electromagnetic compatibility of radioelectronic and electrical devices, complexes and systems. The content of the electromagnetic compatibility section of a technical specification
STB 958-2008 Bandage products. Specifications
STB 959-94 Electromagnetic compatibility of radioelectronic and electrical devices, complexes and systems. General rules and test methods
STB 960-2011 Maintenance and repair of vehicles. General safety requirements
STB 961-2005 Cakes and pastries. General specifications
STB 962-95 Birch juice. General specifications
STB 963-94 Canned goods. Fruits in sugar syrup. Specifications
STB 964-94 Canned goods. Homemade compotes. General specifications
STB 965-2008 Canned goods. Fruit juice containing drinks. General specifications
STB 966-94 Oatmeal cookies. General specifications
STB 967-94 Microassemblies and acoustoelectronic products. Classification and notational conventions
STB 969-2010 Grey and ready cotton and mixed domestic fabrics. General specifications
STB 970-2007 Kefir. General specifications
STB 971-2013 Liver sausages. General specifications
STB 973-94 Engineering products. Graphic symbols to replace the labels. Style and size
STB 974-2001 Frozen dumplings. General specifications
STB 975-94 Turkey, guinea-fowl, and quail eggs for food. Specifications
STB 976-94 Whipping-tops. Types. Basic parameters and dimensions
STB 977-94 Drinks from dried fruits. General specifications
STB 978-2003 Vodkas. General specifications
STB 979-94 Fruit spirits. General specifications
STB 980-94 Garage locks. General specifications
STB 981-94 Padlocks. General specifications
STB 98-2008 Domestic household products from metals and their alloys. General specifications
STB 982-94 Information technology. Terms and definitions
STB 983-95 Food concentrates. First and second lunch dishes. General specifications
STB 984-2009 Transport vehicles. Marking. Specifications
STB 985-95 Pies, donuts and donuts with filling. General specifications
STB 986-95 Quick frozen vegetables and mushrooms. General specifications
STB 990-95 Food concentrates. Powder sauces for cooking. General specifications
STB 991-95 Food concentrates. Sweet dishes. General specifications
STB 992-95 Fonts for markings on the engineering products. Style and size
STB 993-95 Delivery of goods for export. Main provisions
STB 995-2011 URAL carbon fibre materials. General specifications
STB 996-2011 Letterheads of securities and instruments with a certain degree of protection, documents with a certain degree of protection. General requirements
STB 997-2011 Letterheads of securities and instruments with a certain degree of protection, documents with a certain degree of protection. Terms and definitions
STB 998-95 Jam. General specifications
STB 999-95 Fruit and berry syrups. General specifications
STB CEN/TR 13201-1-2011 Road lighting. Part 1. Lighting class selection.
STB CEN/TR 14599-2012 Welding and related processes. The terms and definitions in the field of welding (in accordance with the Standard of the Republic of Belarus EN 1792)
STB CEN/TR 14633-2012 Welding. Welding position. Comparison of the international, European and US designations
STB CEN/TR 15135-2013 Welding. Designing and non-destructive testing of welds
STB CEN/TR 15235-2012 Welding. Methods for assessing imperfections in metallic structures
STB CEN/TS 1187-2013 Roofs. Methods of testing by external fire exposure
STB CEN/TS 13036-2-2011 Characteristics of road and airfield coatings. Test methods. Part 2. Determination of coefficient of the traffic-bearing surface adhesion using dynamic measurement systems
STB CEN/TS 13381-1-2009 Method of fire resistance testing of bearing structures. Part 1. Horizontal protective shields
STB CEN/TS 1793-4-2011 Devices for traffic noise reduction. Method for the acoustic performance determination. Part 4. Own characteristics. The empirical values of sound diffraction
STB CEN/TS 1793-5-2011 Devices for traffic noise reduction. Method for the acoustic performance determination. Part 5. Own characteristics. The empirical values of sound insulation and sound reflection
STB CISPR 13-2012 Electromagnetic compatibility. Radio interference from radio receivers, TV sets and related equipment. Standards and methods of measurement
STB CR 12361-2013 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Reagents for etching at the macroscopic and microscopic examination
STB ECSS-E-60A-2014 Space technology. Product development. General requirements for the management system

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